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Business Expert Speaker Experience

University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

VIP Speaker Jim Connelly

Jim Connelly's career began as a young paper boy living in the projects of a small factory town in Western Pennsylvania.

Growing up with an abusive alcoholic father, he became a street fighter with a bad attitude that led to trouble. Connelly negotiated with a judge to leave his hometown in lieu of being incarcerated.

With $100 in his pocket, he talked a friend into driving him to California.

After applying for and landing a job as a room clerk at the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, within 6 years, Jim had worked himself up to become the General Manager of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel a $100 million property, a position he held for ten years.

Dates – 4 Days

July 30 - Join VIP speaker Jim Connelly at VIP night July 30th to kick off the event. Jim is the Vice President, Lou Holtz Hall of Fame and National Keynote Speaker for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Best-Selling Author, and Hospitality Consultant.

July 31 – August 1st – Featured Speakers on the main stage

BONUS: Focus Group for Business Owners Lunch (limited Seating)

August 2nd – Breakout Training for Business Owners

Exploring other business opportunities, Connelly was invited by the chairman of Shearson Lehman to join the Wall Street Investment Banking firm. He became the first non-college graduate accepted into the firm's management program and graduated from the New York Institute of Finance in the top ten percent of his class.

At the request of the President, Connelly facilitated Leadership Goal Setting for the California Governor's Conference and the President's Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities held at Stanford University.

He went on to start many successful businesses and is a consummate entrepreneur - having lived his entire life "outside the box"...

Thinking “outside the box” served him well when a dear friend suffered a traumatic head injury and nearly died on the ice. Jim developed an unorthodox plan and put together an “A team” to champion her miraculous recovery. This amazing 25-year journey is documented in his best selling book “One More Sunset”.

Lou Holtz says "When my bank asks about my assets, I start with Jim and Kate Connelly."

Speak Like a Champion

2017 Speaker Experience Featuring Jim Connelly

Jim Connelly, Vice President, Lou Holtz Hall of Fame and National Keynote Speaker for the Napoleon Hill Foundation says...

In Association with the Public Speakers Association,

join T. Allen Hanes with VIP keynote speaker Jim Connelly

and other TOP Speakers For the Speak like a Champion Speaker Experience

at the University of Notre Dame

"It's Not What Happens To You In Life,

But What You Do About It That Matters."


1. Three (3) General Admission Tickets $147.00

2. One General Admission Ticket $97

3. VIP Night and (1) General Admission $597.00

4. VIP Night and (1) General Admission Upgrade

VIP Seating and Video Interview/Photo of you with VIP on Stage. $1997.00

Over four days and nights, an epic event Speak Like a Champion Notre Dame will help you understand the critical factors impacting your life, your mindset, and business right now, then refocus and realign with the business strategy and psychology you need for competing and innovating, in any economy. Using innovative techniques like non-other! For those of you who do not know what an Epic Event Experience is: An Epic Event has none of the elements, we dislike in the traditional speaker/business/personal development events that are being put on today.

It’s no secret that massive results come from massive action.  Speak Like a Champion Notre Dame strategically breaks down the innovative approaches used by industry Speakers, Authors and Entrepreneurs and business leaders like Google, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Usher and Oprah Winfrey to help you discover where your life and business is now and how you can create a map to reach your goals.


Watch video to see current featured speakers!

12 Reasons YOU need to Attend!

An Epic Champion Experience That is Out of This WORLD!

On the main stage of

The University of Notre Dame

1. What if I told you that PERMISSION TO IMAGINE is the key to your success? What if it’s the #1 thing that is holding you back financially? It is!

2. Be a participant in setting a possible Guinness World Record for a glass walk that is guaranteed to impact your bottom line!

3. Learn how your authority is what you create based on your expertise using content and 3rd party endorsements.

4. Learn how to identify and remove any mental obstacles, bringing you clarity and supercharge your mind.

5. Obtain a clear business path & suggested resources for ALL of your marketing for products, services, coaching, or live events.

6. Tap into your vast potential of your unconscious mind to take you into orbit.

7. How easy it is to get over fears of speaking.

8. How important it is to plan well in advance and create a barrier to protect your wealth from your health.

9. Become a top performer in your life. Find out how simple it is to perform at your best.

10. Find your voice, purpose & personal power.

11.The only 3 questions you need to ask to know if someone is a good strategic partner or potential client. 

12. How everything you've been taught about generating leads and growing your business is WRONG!.

Be a participant in setting a Guinness World Record!

Come and experience walking on glass with the #1 instructor

in the world! And help set a world record for the most people

to walk on glass at a single venue.

Want to SUPERCHARGE you or your Team?

There is a POWERFUL reason Google uses this experience to

motivate, inspire and make their people better.

Imagine creating the same experience for YOU or YOUR Company.


Listen in as Dave Albin talks about how this is a life changing event!

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As you can see, we’ve got a really solid line up in different industries, from media, publishing, financial, speaking, mindset, social media, and gamification.

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Awarded For Outstanding Speaking by the Leadership Speakers Academy Faculty at West Point!

Awarded National Collaborator of The Year for 2016!

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